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Groo and Cerebrus

Hello Groopers,

	I can not wait to get my hands on these up and coming groo
paperbacks, watchs, lunchboxes, etc.  Go M.E. and Sergio.  I loved the
final issue of G&R, and it saddens me to think that there will be no groo
next month.  I recently acquired Cerebrus #155, Savage Dragon #14, Epic
Illustrated #27, and What The #12.  I was interested to have discovered the
What The, cuz the Groo appearance was not drawn by sergio.  And in the
issue, Groo appeares in 3 or 4 panels, and then gets chopped in half.  Huh?
Groo would never get chopped in half.  Oh well.  Are there other groo
appearances by other artists?  Usagi Summer special, I think has one, but
are there others?  Gary?  The Cerebrus appearance was cool, and the Savage
dragon was Just an ad.  I also received in the mail my first set of Groo
MINIs.  Set #1.  Have any of you groopers, who are not so dessesbo as to
have not opened the minis to play with them, painted the minis and really
brought them to life?  Does anyone have suggestions for what paint to use
etc?  Also what's the deal with the minstral's exchangable instrument tips?
Are there three of them?  mine look to be stuck together, and I can't
fathom how I would go about attatching them.  Grooooooovy --BassClef2000

PS if any of you know where I could get The Groo Carnival and the Groo
Garden, I would be grateful, and I also need about thirty cards to
completye my card set, so any leads would be appreciated.  Trades anyone?