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Re: Shane Erred...

> I got my Groo T-Shirt from Azamin.

Thanks for informing me, Shane.

> I am quite happy.

coz today I got my shirt  (in Nirvana's teen spirit tune)

> I had to "RE-MAIL" his payment.
> The moral of this story.. "Don't stick a 32 cent stamp on an envelope and
> expect it to get to Malaysia.. Post Office will just send it right back!"

What!!!, Hahahahahahahahahaha, Shane,Shane, Hahahahahhahaa.it is like hahaha,
sticking a Malaysian hahahaha stamp to be used the US hahaha
Please help me, I can't stop laughing.   The joke of the year hahahhaha.  Any
award for him in next years Rufferto Award?

The Malaysian Grooper, the Groo trooper