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Re: Groop age

On Fri, 23 Apr 1999 12:05:20 -0500, Anil Melwani <am338@is6.nyu.edu>

>Since there has been talk of "rated G posts" etc, It got me wondering what
>the age span of the groop is?  Who is the youngest/eldest grooper?  Any

ME: Mark is 47.

>ps How many other groopers reside in NYC (besides myself), and would any of
>you want to maybe organize a NYC groofest for sometime this summer?
>Needless to say all would be invited.

ME: This may sound self-serving -- and is -- but what you oughta do is
find some big convention in the New York area later this year and
convince them to invite Sergio and me as guests and to fly us in.
Then we'll get them to give us a meeting hall and have some special
Groo events or something.  (I'm looking for an excuse to go to New
York later this year...)  
Mark Evanier's e-mail address is: me@evanier.com
OFFICE: 363 S. Fairfax Ave., #303 - Los Angeles, CA 90036