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Re: Groop age

>Who is the youngest/eldest grooper?<

I'm only 22, but I seem to remember that there are some younger folk

>ME: This may sound self-serving -- and is -- but what you oughta do
is find some big convention in the New York area later this year and
convince them to invite Sergio and me as guests and to fly us in. Then
we'll get them to give us a meeting hall and have some special Groo
events or something.  (I'm looking for an excuse to go to New York
later this year...)<

You aren't looking for an excuse to come to Atlanta this summer, are
you? (It doesn't really get as hot and humid as they say. It's all an
old wives tale, yeah, that's it, an old wives tale.)

If I hadn't picked this summer to make my big movie I would have
splurged and gone to San Diego, but now I'm financing a $1000 to $2000
movie myself so I need to hold on to all the mola I can. (btw, anyone
interested in helping proofread/revise the script let me know)

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