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I feel pretty, oh SO pretty

PS (prescript):  I'm 20.

Hey, I think a lot of us Grooopers [GROOPERS] reside in the dirty city!  I 
know I do (and BOY am I dirty!).   I would definitely attend a Groofest, but 
what sort of affair would it be?  I mean Mark/Sergio couldn't be there, so... 
 In any case, it would love it, 'cause it would make me feel better about not 
being able to go to all those conventions on the west coast the Mark and 
Sergio are always at.

ME:  I would love to be able to convince some conventioneer to buy you guys 
some plane tickets, and rent you a flop-house room. However I'm not as much a 
"comic guy" as the rest of these blokes. I've never even attended a 
convention.  I just need some insight on the process of telling the right 
person the right thing to get you guys over here.  Ideas, suggestions, 


PS:  Azamin, you are a strange, strange man. 
PPS:  And, according to my HoM Bio picture, I'm a strange woman.
PPPS:  I just re-read my bio, and realized how unfunny it really is.  Oh, 

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?