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Re: Groo and Cerebrus

Anil Melwani wrote:

>MINIs.  Set #1.  Have any of you groopers, who are not so dessesbo as to
>have not opened the minis to play with them, painted the minis and really
>brought them to life?  Does anyone have suggestions for what paint to use
>etc?  Also what's the deal with the minstral's exchangable instrument tips?
>Are there three of them?  mine look to be stuck together, and I can't
>fathom how I would go about attatching them.


Acrylic paints work the best on minis, you can get then at most any hobby shop
and a lot of game store carry them too.  you'll need at least two brushs, one
for large areas and one very fine one for details.  Put a base coat of white on
first, this makes the other colors look brighter and you won't need as many
coats of paint later.  Make sure each coat os dry before starting on the next.
The tips for the Minstral's lute have to be cut apart from the spur they are
on, then pick the one you like the best and super-glue it on.

Tim Collins

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