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Re: Groo and Cerebrus

Hi Folks!

I'm 44. (going on 12)  
> From: Anil Melwani <am338@is6.nyu.edu>

> I recently acquired Cerebrus #155, Savage Dragon #14, Epic
> Illustrated #27, and What The #12.  

Wow, that's a great sampling of the different types of Groo appearances. 
Epic Illustrated #27 contains a great Groo Short, Cerebus #155 has a great
Original Groo/Cerebus Pin-Up page, The art for the Savage Dragon #14 ad was
taken from the cover of Inside Image #22, and What The #12 has a Groo by
another artist.  I did not know about What The #12.  Please send me the
details of the publication so I can put it on the
separate-from-the-Groo-List "Unoriginal Groo  Appearances" (U-Ga) list. 
That's where the Savage Dragon appearance goes also.  A couple people want
that list too and I'll get it re-typed eventually. 

Groo by Others show up here and there. They will be part of the
aforementioned U-Ga List. What was really wierd is that on two separate
occasions at different stores, I bought a comic from the 25 cent bin
because I thought my son might like it and it turned out both had Groo
drawn by others! (Boris the Bear #1 and Stanley the Snake #3).  I guess I'm
just naturally attracted to Groo sightings of all kinds without even
realizing it!   

> MINIs.  Set #1.  Have any of you groopers, who are not so dessesbo as to
> have not opened the minis to play with them, painted the minis and really
> brought them to life?  

Hey!  Mine are out of the pack and a couple are painted.  Does that mean
I'm not Dessesbo?  I have a whole army of Wenches and Warriors waiting for
Groo to destroy them!

> Also what's the deal with the minstral's exchangable instrument tips?
> Are there three of them?  


> mine look to be stuck together

That's how they come.  

> and I can't
> fathom how I would go about attatching them.  

Very carefully.  

> PS if any of you know where I could get The Groo Carnival and the Groo
> Garden,

The tradepaperbacks are a tiugh find.  Your best bet is one of those comic
book shops that is hopelessly unorganized and thus has stuff that has been
piled up for years all over the place.  That's where you find the coolest
stuff.  (or maybe not) 

OK, I'll go away now.  Take care -Gary G.