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Re: Groo and Cerebrus

At 08:07 AM 4/24/99 -0700, Tim Collins wrote:
>Anil Melwani wrote:
>>MINIs.  Set #1.  Have any of you groopers, who are not so dessesbo as to
>>have not opened the minis to play with them, painted the minis and really
>>brought them to life?  Does anyone have suggestions for what paint to use
>>etc?  Also what's the deal with the minstral's exchangable instrument tips?
>>Are there three of them?  mine look to be stuck together, and I can't
>>fathom how I would go about attatching them.
>Acrylic paints work the best on minis, you can get then at most any hobby shop
>and a lot of game store carry them too.  you'll need at least two brushs, one
>for large areas and one very fine one for details.  Put a base coat of
white on
>first, this makes the other colors look brighter and you won't need as many
>coats of paint later.  Make sure each coat os dry before starting on the next.
>The tips for the Minstral's lute have to be cut apart from the spur they are
>on, then pick the one you like the best and super-glue it on.

I'm sorry, I have to voice my opinion on this one... don't take it wrong
Tim... But, I've been painting AD&D lead figures for just about ever (which
is actually longer than 'forever')... Acrylics don't do a figure justice.
Yes, do primer the lead figure, the paint will stick better. If you really
want to know the paint to use, I can tell you... I just have to go home and
find out... They're flat colors... more realistic.... and they are purchsed
at hobby stores.... there's a lot of tricks to it... if you want, email me
and I'll hook you up with my knowledge.

Shane Clarke
Dr. Clarke - a.k.a. SAC
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