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My Grootopian day at the Medieval Festival

Grootopian / Utopian...eh, nevermind
(first off, it was good to see that i was not the only person clad 
exclusively in black..)
i had a *wonderful* time..even if i did not have the thousands of dollars i 
was more than capable of spending today..
there were swords, daggers, chain mail, dragons, exquisite clothing, some 
very lovely amber runes and even a few frays!
sigh...i was born a thousand years too late
the reason i am mentioning all of this, is because out of the many fighters 
there were, one alone had no sheild, was more than zestful about attacking, 
he handled his two batons with lightning speed and accuracy, never seeming to 
take any hits...
i kept looking for a spotted dog...


am i single Bryan?
only for Nick Cave....