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the sub-Groofest

I find it odd that people on the Groop who never post about Groo or anything 
else have posted their ages. 

I think that Mark should try the "National Fish Day" idea again.  That sounds 
very amusing.  

School's almost out for summer.  I think that the NYC Groopers [GROOPERS] 
should hold our sub-Groofest then.  It's a great idea, and one I would really 
like to see materialize.  Perhaps we can time it to coincide with a comic 
convention here in the city (hopefully one I can convice to invite Mark & 
Sergio to).  Javit's Center isn't holding any comic cons this year,  but I 
have yet to check Madison Square Garden's schedule.

I am trying very hard to write an amusing Groo Gram to submit.  I can't seem 
to do it.  I was re-reading some of the latter Marvel Groos, and some some 
very funny Groo Grams.  They gave me the idea to write another Groo Gram, but 
didn't inspire me as to the content.


PS:  Look!  I consolidated!  I'm *special*.

PPS:  You people haven't been responding to my posts recently.  I expect to 
see a whole bunch of letters in my mailbox about his one.

PPPS:  NYC Groopers [GROOPERS] email me.  I want to know our numbers and our 
interest in the sub-Groofest.  Perhaps if we number enough, it'll be easier 
to get the Comic Convention guys to invite Mark & Sergio.

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?