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Re: MSG Comic Con.

On Sun, 25 Apr 1999 12:29:03 EDT, DanielBron@aol.com wrote:

>However, with the Star Wars thing, the producers may figure they have enough 
>draw already, and may be reluctant to invite Mark & Sergio. Also, with the 
>short notice, they may not have time to make the arangements or whatever. It 
>would help if the NYC Groopers email/mail/call the director of events, and 
>ask for Sergio & Mark to be invited.  I am working on finding out exactly who 
>we should contact, and how.

ME: Thanks but it's probably too late for that one.  Convention
organizers want to be able to advertise the guests they fly in...so
they have to plan those things farther in advance.  But if you go, it
can't hurt to seek out the con staff and suggest they invite us to the
next one. 
Mark Evanier's e-mail address is: me@evanier.com
OFFICE: 363 S. Fairfax Ave., #303 - Los Angeles, CA 90036