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RE: Shane Erred...

> > I got my Groo T-Shirt from Azamin.
> Thanks for informing me, Shane.
> > I am quite happy.
> coz today I got my shirt  (in Nirvana's teen spirit tune)
	Actually that would be the song "Lithium".  Geez, I've been real
nitpicky with you lately Azamin.  Don't take it personally.   Still my kind
of humor. 

> > I had to "RE-MAIL" his payment.
> >
> > The moral of this story.. "Don't stick a 32 cent stamp on an envelope
> and
> > expect it to get to Malaysia.. Post Office will just send it right
> back!"
> What!!!, Hahahahahahahahahaha, Shane,Shane, Hahahahahhahaa.it is like
> hahaha,
> sticking a Malaysian hahahaha stamp to be used the US hahaha
> Please help me, I can't stop laughing.   The joke of the year hahahhaha.
> Any
> award for him in next years Rufferto Award?
	I hope someone out there in Groop land is writing down all these
nominations.  Sparky?