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the Minstrel

Hi all,

I have a theory about the Minstrel I'd like to run by
everyone.   I think we can all agree on three things:

1) the Minstrel's lute is magical, since it's top is
changing all the time,
2) the Minstrel's lute is never out of his hands,
3) the Minstrel always specks in rhyme.

My conclusion is that the lute is cursed... he can't put
it down and it forces him to rhyme.  Groo forced him to
stop once, but Groo used the Amulet, it's greater magic
over came the lute's curse.  Still it seem a pretty mild
curse, and the Minstrel not only has made the best of
it... he make's a living from it.   What would you call a
benign curse anyway?

Tim Collins