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Re: Groo Guitar

>Hi folks.  I've got a lot of guitars.  ("who cares, Nate.")  
>Well, I've got a cherry Ibanez (that's an electric)  that I bought 
>cheap brand new, and I've been thinking of ways to modify it and 
>the electronics & hardware (I do that myself) .... wellllll..... I 
got the
>idea to create the first GROO Guitar.  Since I work at a sign 
company, I
>have access to all the materials I'd need to make a GROO graphic, 
>1-shot paint on a vinyl cut out, cleared) and I can recreate a GROO 
>and affix it to the body of the guitar!   Hopefully within the next 
>weeks I'll start buying my new hardware etc.  and will get the 
>done.  I'll put a link to a photo when it's done.
>~Nate~ "Groo Metal" P.
>Nate Piekos            nate@piekosarts.com

Dear Sparky (note the G-rated introduction),
One word: Minstrel.  Infact, wouldn't it be cool if you could glue an 
action figure or two to the guitar, so that the guitar would (to some 
extent) esemble the minstrel's ...um... musical instrument thingie.

P.S.  Imagine this:  A band of Groopers (Groopies, Groo-otakus, etc.) 
forming a four person band called "FRAY" where the performers dress 
up as a Mendicant, a Sage, a Minstrel and a Dog-man.  There could be 
a debut album called "Mulch & Cheese-dip".
P.P.S.  On the other hand, DON't imagine that.
P.P.P.S speaking of music:
                           "Has he lost his mind
                       can't he see or is he blind
                           can he walk at all
                      or if he moves, will he fall
                           is he 'live or dead
                     has he thoughts within his head"
(sorry, couldn't resist) =^ ^=
                                             (note the G rated ending)

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