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Re: Malaysian Groo T shirt

> would it be possible for you to get another groo t-shirt?
> i'd like very much to have one
> some time ago i asked you this, but you never answered :(


sorry for that.

Does this means you want 2 T shirts?

Actually, I'm a bit busy from the past 2 weeks till now , so I still don't go
to the Sun office to get those T shirst yet.  And also they are still not
finish collecting Groo reprints for me (to be sent to Gary).  So I want to pick
those T shirts with those reprints together.  That's why I still don't go there
yet.  I'll e-mail you when those T shirts areavailable (together with my
address).  You can make the payment after that..

btw there are 2 T shirts which I reserved for Luis Garcia and ReddingJM@aol.com
whom still not sending me the payment.  I gave you till 30th April 1999 to
reply my e-mail.  If not I'll give your shirts to other people.

Elie,  I got your payment.  I still have to check with them, if they have a XXL
sized T shirt.  If they don't have, I'll send your shirt ASAP (the 2 shirt I
reserved  for you now are both XL size)