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Re: the Minstrel

Tim Collins wrote:
> My conclusion is that the lute is cursed... he can't put
> it down and it forces him to rhyme.  Groo forced him to
> stop once, but Groo used the Amulet, it's greater magic
> over came the lute's curse.  Still it seem a pretty mild
> curse, and the Minstrel not only has made the best of
> it... he make's a living from it.   What would you call a
> benign curse anyway?

	Hmmm, that IS interesting. Although, from what I remember some people
don't like the Minstrel (nate?) and would call him the curse itself!
:-}  That would be a pretty tortured existance, though.  Especially if
the Minstrel was into Techno or something...