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Re: Ack... & Hmmmm

Hi Folks!

Well, you know I have ranted as much as anyone about people putting up
little 60 second sketches that Sergio has done for free up for sale on ebay
trying to make a buck off Sergio's generosity (Sergio can do a cool sketch
in 60 seconds)  I'm particularly annoyed with the folks who have received
the sketches in the last couple years, cuz that makes it seem like they
planned to sell the thing all along.  

But I must confess I have softened my attitude about the folks who buy the
sketches. Someone, I think it was Vaughn, pointed out that many, many fans
have no way to get a little sketch from Sergio personally nor do they have
the bucks to buy an actual drawing,(assuming you can find one now that
Sergio is so darned busy he's not selling through Mark Cohen at this time)
So they see a little sketch of Groo by Sergio and they go for it.  I can't
get uppity with them about that.

As to the current sketch up for grabs and the one before it from the same
guy, they are hardly typical sketches and therefore rather intriguing.  The
previous one especially was cool.  They are big (23 x 32) and they are
really old (1983) and particularly in the first one, Groo has the rougher
Pacific Groo look.  In that one, Groo is riding a Tyranasaurus-type dragon.
 These are all things that would make me want to buy it.  On the other
hand, they were done for free by Sergio and they both say "to Ryan" on
them.  I don't know who Ryan is, but that's not the name of the guy selling
them and I have trouble getting upset with a guy selling a 16 year old
giant sketch that doesn't have his name on it either.  

So I guess my bottom line is that I can't blame folks who buy them and I
guess the only sellers who really hack me off are the guys who get the
sketches with the intention of selling them.  Those folks I have no use
for.  My question to the sellers who do not fall into that category is

Oh, yeah, Ruben!  Add Gabrielle Reese to the list of Chakaal hopefuls and
also Fabio to the possible Arcadios.  Whoever came up with Fabio, (sorry, I
forgot) that is a great idea!  

Take care all Gary "Overly Verbose" Grossmann




> From: Ruben <ruben@infoserve.net>
> To: Shane Clarke <clarksh@corp.earthlink.net>
> Cc: groop@groo.com
> Subject: Re: Ack... Another thorn in my side.
> Date: Sunday, April 25, 1999 8:31 PM
> Shane Clarke wrote:
> > What am I raving on about? Oh, nothing... just another person selling
> > original piece of art for Groo on Ebay again. Which, under normal
> > conditions is fine and all... But not when it's autographed to a
> 	yeah, I think I'll post one of my sketches from Sergio and say "Only a
> 'Ruben' can win this item!".... I even saw a sketch like that where the
> seller said "you can even crop off the dedication part if you want" or
> something... I just don't get it.
> Ruben.