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Sad, sad Comic Store Story...

Hello Groopies! First of all: I'm 37 and I'm a GIRL! Yes! a Girl!!! and
I do have cooties!!!! (yech! no I don't!). I think I'm one of 5 girls in
the entire Groop.

ANyway, here's my sad, sad, comic book store story... I discovered a
comic book store here in secluded, sunny, way to friggin' hot, Naples,
Florida. Imagine my excitement when I went in and started looking at the
plethora of comics before me. I had a drool hanging from my lower lip
which put any drool my labrador has had to shame (except the one she had
Sunday when I made homemade waffles). Eagerly I scanned the
shelves.....hmmmmm, slight problem. Every Batman title in existence
(which is ok. I love Batman). Lots and lots of Superman titles, as a
matter of fact, every DC title I can imagine is well represented. Then
the X titles (X-men, son of X-men, Evil twin daughters of X-men, etc.),
but there's something missing. I turn to the salesman:

"Um...do you have Groo and Rufferto?" I ask him.

"No, but if you're a local resident I can order it for you and get it
every month for you to pick up."

"Uh...no thanks....Do you have Fanboy?"

"Fanboy? What's that? a role-playing game?"

"Um...no." I say disconsolently. "Thanks anyway."

And with drooping shoulders I leave the purported comic book store,
tears in my eyes.

Anyway, the moral of this story is: Can anyone out there get me G&R

Love, from,

Unirabbit, Bold Slayer of Defenseless Horses

P.S. I feel kind of left out from the penis joke. I can't name mine, I
don't have one. *sigh* what a lousy week.