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Groo Art, Sergio's Card, Nate's Guitar

Hi Folks!

Well, good for Sergio, bummer for some of us.  I don't begrudge Sergio one
penny of whatever he can get for his art.  But from a purely selfish
standpoint, it's a bummer that it will be harder for me to afford it.  I
never really thought about buying original art until the last year or so. 
It just seemed a natural extension of my obses...uh, my little collection. 
Oh well, the main thing is to enjoy Sergio's art!  And you can do that
without owning the originals.

Anil, your best bet is to buy a FCBC card set.  They should go for under
$10 and then you get a Mark card and a Stan card too.  Check out some
non-sport card shops.  I once found a whole box for $10. It yeilded 6
Marks, 4 Sergios and 3 Stans.   

Nate, your Groo guitar will be at least 10 times cooler than a Spiderman
guitar.  Can't wait to see the scan!

Take care all -Gary G.