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An on topic consolidated post!

Guess what I got in the mail today? (No, not that. How do you know
about that anyway? It's supposed to come in a plain brown wrapper so
know one knows about it.) The pads look so much better than I
expected. Wow! And not only are they numbered, but they are numbered
by hand! (You must have been tired after that Ruben). Very cool!

And, as far as that site with the Sergio interview auf Deutsch that
That Guy Daniel mentioned, I know there are people here who could
translate better than me, but I haven't seen anything from them yet
and i am trying to procrastinate writing a play review so here's the
little bit I could glean from it: (If I am really far off, then, well,
I am really far off)

The first response is something to the effect of he has always enjoyed
working for Mad, ever since he was a young cartoonist from Mexico.

2. The new generation has been raised very much on TV and computers.
He has old fans, but at conventions always has young fans too. Mad's
humour is for the young and the old. (I can't make out the last two
sentences well).

Three: They asked how big the marginals really are. The first part he
says that he draws them relatively small because if he drew them much
bigger he would put too many details in.

IV- They ask how long it takes him to do a new drawing. He says that
he does about 30 a month, about one a day. The next sentence is
something about only twenty, having the time, and when he is old. That
is his daily routine, get up and think of a new idea.

5, They ask if he knew that Bart visited the mad offices in New york
in a Simpsons episode. He says he is a Simpsons fan and that Bill
morrison who does the comics asked him something about whether he
would do some special art for the Halloween comic. (Here's an idea:
Groo on the Itchy and Scratchy Show.)

Sechs| Do you still read other comics? I cant make out the answer very
well, but he says something about having very little time because of
all his work and something about watching TV and old movies.

VII/ What is the best film for your work(?) ? He says (and i agree)
that Akira Kurosawa (may he rest) made fantastic films and that his
favorites are samurai films. And then I think he says that when he
started Groo, he wanted it to be a fantasy world, half Conan, half
Japan. Don't know the next sentence, then All the films he likes are
almost all black and white, from the 30s and 40s.

eIGHT=I think the next question asks about figures and a cartoon for
Groo. He says they had tests to see how it (a figure) would function
and it was really good. It's not easy for his Groo figure to walk
because the legs are so skinny. For an American TV show they made a
short film (which i think Mark has mentioned at some point in the
past) and that creative team took a short sequence and something about
Groo running and somthing else. They have spoken with several (many?)
companies but until the right deal comes along, they will not let the
show be made.

9. I can't understand this question, but he says (i think) that he
believes in certain things and that he is an old fashioned person.

X- Another question about Mad, something about being revitalized by
new people. Serigo thinks it is very fresh and that it has always had
the same group of people, but now it has become bigger (?).

Well, someone who knows German better than me should check over this.
I think I got a good amount of it right, but there are some parts that
are pretty much guess work. Also, does Sergio speak German, or would
this all have been translated?

Jason "Finally found a use for all those German classes" Wade
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