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Groo in 1977...Huh?

Huh?  Groo in 1977?  I did not know that he was created until the 80's, I
guess I was wrong.  It's not still april fools day is it?  I am truely
flabergasted.  What does he look like?  The groo we all know and love in
the pacific comics, or what?  I remain baffled.  Groofully yours -

At 8:31 PM -0700 4/27/99, The Grossmanns wrote:
>Hi Folks!
>Well, the mail today is a little light, so I thought I would send out
>something extracted from the Groo List that may interest some of you.
>Below is a list of all of known Groos appearances on the cover of Non-Groo
>publications.  As usual, cyberspace might have messed up the spacing.  The
>little pluses mean that Groo is the main charater or at least one of them.
>In the others he is obscure or at least very small.  Take care -Gary G.
>1.	+ SCENE Magazine               		CSUN          	May  	1977