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Re: Groo in 1977...Huh?

Sergio actually created Groo in 1977 after thinking about doing the
character for some time before that.  Those who have  the Eclipse Special
or the Chronicles can see the Groo story that Sergio had done that year. 
It wasn't published because all the publishers demanded ownership of the
characters they publsihed back then.  That's what the Gerger/Howard the
Duck suit against Marvel was about and that spawned the Destroyer Duck
Lawsuit Benefit Edition and the first published Groo adventure in 1982.
Later that year Pacific Comics gave artists a chance to own their work and
Groo got his own comic.  But Sergio drew Groo in at least a couple palces
prior to the Feb, 1982 appearance in Destroyer Duck.  The earliest I have
found so far (actually Sergio showed it to me)   is the California State
University at Northridge school of Journalism paper "SCENE" from May, 1977.
You can download a slightly shrunk version of it from their website. 
Unfortunately, the Northridge earthquake released a bunch of asbestos or
something and they had to throw away all their back issues.  So I could not
get an original!!!  But I'm still working on it!     Hope that answers your
questions. Take care -Gary G.  (Groo Historian)  

> From: Anil Melwani <am338@is6.nyu.edu>
> To: groop@groo.com
> Subject: Groo in 1977...Huh?
> Date: Tuesday, April 27, 1999 9:13 AM
> Huh?  Groo in 1977?  I did not know that he was created until the 80's, I
> guess I was wrong.  It's not still april fools day is it?  I am truely
> flabergasted.  What does he look like?  The groo we all know and love in
> the pacific comics, or what?  I remain baffled.  Groofully yours -
> BassClef2000
> At 8:31 PM -0700 4/27/99, The Grossmanns wrote:
> >Hi Folks!
> >
> >Well, the mail today is a little light, so I thought I would send out
> >something extracted from the Groo List that may interest some of you.
> >Below is a list of all of known Groos appearances on the cover of
> >publications.  As usual, cyberspace might have messed up the spacing. 
> >little pluses mean that Groo is the main charater or at least one of
> >In the others he is obscure or at least very small.  Take care -Gary G.
> >
> >1.	+ SCENE Magazine               		CSUN          	May  	1977