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Re: Groo Guitar Sketch

Not bad Nate, not bad at all. If it turns out great, I may even forgive you for
the penis crack you made at me yesterday!!!!

Love, From

Unirabbit, Queen of Florida, Empress of Outer Space, and Seneschal of the
Bermuda Triangle

Nate Piekos wrote:

> Hi friends and neighbors.  Follow this link to see a very rough sketch of
> what the Groo Guitar will look like.  I also included an inset of the exact
> model and color guitar that I'm working on.
> http://www.piekosarts.com/guitar.jpg
> Like I said, the Rufferto head is done and actually on the guitar.  The
> swords are done, but not on the guitar, and the battle scene completely is
> not done yet.  Unfortunately, I had to draw the swords myself.  I was
> trying to use only existing Sergio art, but nothing matched what I had in
> mind.
> As for the material, I've decided to go with digitally reproduced
> "stickers".  Basically, sealed with clear plastic on one side and adhesive
> on the other.  This way, I don't have to paint anything, and "translate"
> Sergio's art for the guitar.  I can just scan and use what I need.  (except
> for those swords.)  Maybe if I ever have the good fortune to meet Sergio, I
> could have him sign the guitar!
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