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Comics Brief

I went to find that UCNorthridge website, and couldn't.  The University of 
California "WWW Server" site doesn't list it. Gary, could you send me their 
address, or, preferably, the exact address of the Groo comic?

I picked up a cool comic today.  Actually, I don't know wif it's a comic or 
not.  It's really thick and expensive, so it might be a Graphic Novel.  It's 
called "The Mechanic".  Anyone ever heard of it?  I would like to see more.  
Brief:  A Dinoasaur, a Caveman, a Hippy, and a Volkswagen are pulled out of 
time and evolved.  Hijinks ensue.  I'll let you read the rest (watch out 
though, the price has a bite:  $6)


PS:  This PS is completely gratuitous.  It's only here because it's expected 
of me.

PPS:  You know how when marketers want to sell something for $6, they'll 
price it at $5.95, becuase the first number has the biggest impact on the 
consumer, so he thinks he's buying a $5 product?  I hate that, especially 

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?