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Dupe Emails (again)


"The Mechanic" was was done by Joe Chiodo & Jonathan Peterson, and was 
produced by Image/Homage comics.  I don't follow comic artists/writers too 
well (with two important exceptions), so I don't know who these guys are, if 
they're famous, or if they did anything else. Actually, when I asked the 
comic store guy if there was a regular comic which went along with this GN 
(?) he said Chiodo had done something else, but I don't remember what 
(sorry).  It had something to do with pin-up girls (but "The Mechanic" 
doesn't) . 


Wow, cool article!  Thanks!  In case you or anyone else was wondering, those 
"other characters" Groo is with are, respectively:  Cain, Abel, and Eve, of 
Plop!-ular fame [the "New Magazine of Weird Humor" of the Seventies, to which 
Señor Aragonés was a major contributor].

THe rest of y'all:

How come no one told me Fanboy #4 was out?  I had to find out the hard way, 
by actually going to the comic shop. Good thing I was out of comic bags (the 
cool resealable kind), or I would never have seen it.  I bet Mark was a 
little worried that no one mentioned it.  Anyway, I think it is the best in 
the series so far.  

-TGD (who knows his ASCII)

PS:  See from "BErt:"

PPS:  To anyone who's mad at me for posting what looks mostly like a personal 
email to the Groop: I believe he information contained herein is of use to 
the whole Groop, and I, mself, hate sending duplicate emails (unlike Gary, 
who doesn't seem to be getting the hint).

PPPS:   As to duplicate emails, I know it's easy to just hit the reply button 
on an email, then CC the Groop but:   If an email is for me, PLEASE JUST SEND 
IT TO ME.  If the whole Groop would enjoy it, JUST SEND IT TO THE GROOP! I'll 
read it, I promise.

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?