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Gary Grossmann sent a  piece of e-mail to the Groop a little while
ago.  Gary's computer has been infected with the HAPPY.EXE virus, also
known as HAPPY99.

This virus attaches a program to all e-mail called either HAPPY.EXE or
HAPPY99.EXE.  If you run the program, it will infect your computer and
you'll be sending out e-mail with this virus attached.

If you have not run this program, DON'T!  Just reading the e-mail will
not harm you but running the attached file will cause problems for any

If you have run it, your computer is infected and all or most of the
e-mail you have sent since is infected.  Stop sending e-mail and get
someone who's uninfected to send out messages to anyone you've sent
the virus to.

To get rid of the virus, go to www.softseek.com and do a search on the
words "happy" and "virus."  This will show you several programs that
will disinfect your computer.

By the way, this is NOT Gary's fault.  Lots of people have gotten
caught by this.  Someday, you will be, too.  It's a good idea to use a
virus scan program (I use McAfee Virus Scan).

That is all!
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