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Sterilized Gary

Hi Folks!

Sorry Sorry Sorry!  Thank you so much Mark for calling me and giving me the
site to go to get the Happy99 virus killer.  I have it on my desktop, its
1.1 Megs and I will send it direct to anyone who wants it rather than get
it through the site Mark gave out.  Also thanks to Shane for also
contacting me right away.  Jeff K: You've got a great virus detector.  Not
only did it stop my message, but it sent one to me telling me I was
infected. (right about the time Mark called)  

 btw, the message i was trying to send wasn't worth repeating.  Something
about giving Daniel a bad time because I HAD mentioned Fanboy #4 and he
wasn't listening and that's why I sent him duplicate e-mails.  Anyway,
sorry for the problems.  I for one am going to install an antivirus program
tommorow.  Take care all-Gary G.