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Re: Mensas?

Hi Folks!

I always thought it I should start a society called "Densas".  Anybody not
in Mensas can join.  Groo would be the perfect poster boy and the motto
could be "What do you mean, slow of mind?" 

to TGD:  I'm really tempted to send this to you twice, but I won't.

Take care all,  Gary "Soon to be Inoculated" Grossmann

> From: MUSLINCROW@aol.com
> To: groop@groo.com
> Subject: Re: HEATHENS (not pygmies though)
> Date: Thursday, April 29, 1999 6:44 AM
> i used to be in Mensa when i was a teenager, but i quit because nobody
> wanted to talk about Groo with me at the meetings....
> (thats how you know that you're an adult, is when you can look back on
> a teenager.)