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I'm going to be abount 20 minutes late to work because of you guys.

(Alternate Subject Line:  Teenyboppers vs Fish)

Nate Wrote:

>I guess there really would be reason to call the fans, groopies.

ALL RIGHT!  ALL RIGHT!! I can't take it anymore, I give up!  The guilt's 
eating me alive!  So, here it is, I'll finally tell you:  Mark uses the term 
"GROOpies" in the Groo-Grams page of issue 47. OK?  ALLRIGHT?  ARE YOU HAPPY 
NOW?!!  I guess I'm official (ugh) "Groopie". There, I said it. I feel so 


PS:  Thanks Gary (for not dupe posting me).
PPS:  "Logical Parasite" is a cool term.
PPPS:  I may be a Groopie, but I'm not going to send Sergio my underwear, and 
that's the end of it.
PPPPS:  Maybe to Mark though.....

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?