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Re: HEATHENS (not pygmies though)

| You mean there're HEATHEN viruses out there that don't need to be
| to do their dirty work?

Yep, they usually have the name of a well known firm beginning with "M" and
ending in "t" on them, you buy them in a shop, then you take them home and
they play merry Hel on your PC.

Ian "King of the Swarcliffe lift surfers Super-Heavyweight division"

PS. I there was a true HEATHEN virus then it wouldn't both with your
computer it would head for your alcohol supply, I know I would.

PPS. Woah, I finally made a post longer than 1 line.

You have just been visited by the one, the only Runewolf, Master of
Runology, Consort of Freyja, Slayer of BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, .....