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Cartoon Art Museum

Hi guys/grrls!

Just went to the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco.
The Sparky Award winner's exhibit has been extended
'til May 30.  This year's winner's work are featured.
Sergio Aragones' art is featured in the main room,
Gus Arreola's (or however you spell his name) art is
featured in the 2nd room, Dale Messick's art is
featured in the 3rd room, Carl Barks' art is featured
between the 2nd and 3rd room (since there are only 3
originals and 3 lithos).  Steve Leialoha's art is
also displayed.  I don't think he won a Sparky Award.
The CAM just likes to display local artists' work.

Sergio's display of artwork is most impressive!
There are original art pieces from the 1960s to 1990s,
including MAD marginals, MAD pages, Buzz & Bell pages,
Smokehouse 5 pages, the Image poster, the CBG 25th
aniversary tribute, Louder Than Words pages, Groo
covers, splashes, trading cards, and pages.  There are
-66- pieces in all!!!  Outside of Sergio's house, this
may be the largest and finest exhibit of his work that
there will ever be!

Unless the fickle hand of fate determines other-
wise, you may want to see the exhibit, if you can.

There are at least 2 copies of Mark Cohen's book
of self-caricatures for sale at the CAM.  It costs
$25, and contains Sergio's self-caricature along
with a variety of his characters, including Groo,
and a biography.

See you.


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