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Re: Toys!

On Tue, 04 May 1999 08:33:59 -0400, Nate Piekos <nate@piekosarts.com>

>ME, what can we do to get a GROO figure made?  Not mass market or anything,
>something like the MAGE or GRENDEL figures.  Do we have to start a
>letter-writing campaign?  A Petition?   Perhaps I'm wrong, but I think if
>given the choice between a watch, a lunchbox and a figure.... most fans
>would take the figure.
>Ruben & I have talked about what exactly to do with the surplus money from
>the Groopads (we intended to give it to the CBLDF but were debating on a
>blind donation, or donating for a bunch of GROO items to use later as
>prizes for contests) ... but perhaps somehow we could put it towards the
>quest for a GROO figure?

ME: The real answer to your question is to get out there and do a
little P.R. for GROO.  The obstacle we run into when we discuss these
things is that other companies look around the fan press and the
Internet and they don't see a lot of GROO fan activity.  We have a lot
of loyal, rabid readers but they seem to be invisible to the outside

We're doing the lunchbox (and probably the watch) because Dark Horse
is marketing lunchboxes and watches, and they want to include Groo in
that marketing campaign.  I'd rather see a good figure, too -- though
I suspect Sergio will be so fussy about what it looks like that it may
be a bit difficult.

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