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Re: Toys!

>ME: The real answer to your question is to get out there and do a
>little P.R. for GROO.  The obstacle we run into when we discuss these
>things is that other companies look around the fan press and the
>Internet and they don't see a lot of GROO fan activity.  We have a lot
>of loyal, rabid readers but they seem to be invisible to the outside

~~~~  Well, those of us on this list are probably doing all we can to PR
GROO.  -- We make sure our local shops order it (and probably anything else
you or Sergio does) so that we don't miss anything.  Quite a few of us have
GROO based websites... (Shane, get yours back up now!)  ... short of
passing out pamphlets in the street, I don't think there's anything more we
can do.  We can go to comic-based chats and talk about GROO, but the
majority of us on the list are over 20, have busy lives, with little time
for chat rooms.   I know this sounds like a downer, but even though we're
really gung-ho about GROO, perhaps there's just not enough of us.
Thankfully, there *are* still enough of us to warrant new issues once in a
while!  I guess the Groo figure will be just a dream til' we can figure out
a way to promote GROO more effectively.  Building a 3-story mulch statue
comes to mind... Uni?

~Nate~  BTW, I'm glad Sergio would be picky. Boy, was I dissapointed with
the Usagi figure.
Nate Piekos            nate@piekosarts.com