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Groo activity online

On Tue, 4 May 1999, Nate Piekos wrote:

> GROO based websites... (Shane, get yours back up now!)  ... short of
> passing out pamphlets in the street, I don't think there's anything more we
> can do.  We can go to comic-based chats and talk about GROO, but the

I think Mark made the suggestion a while back to do it up on the 
newsgroups. Don't have to be in the chats. Just get some Groo activity on 
the comic news groups. Gary's made an effort to get going over 
there...any news on the Groo front, Gary? Or should I say, any Groo on 
the news front, Gary?

> majority of us on the list are over 20, have busy lives, with little time
> for chat rooms.   I know this sounds like a downer, but even though we're
> really gung-ho about GROO, perhaps there's just not enough of us.

I think there is, but we just put most of our posts here. The same number of 
posts & activity level could EASILY carry a newsgroup. Maybe Gary or 
someone else could get a NEW group started for the Groop...  I think this 
is the sort of thing Mark is looking for. I don't remember all the ins & 
outs, but I've been told it is not THAT hard to start up a newsgroup. I 
know Gary's still feeling his way for some of this computer stuff...do 
one of you more savvy people feel like helping get one going??! It would 
only help us in the end as Mark has pointed out. I'd offer, but I have NO 
newsgroup access here at work anymore other than through deja news which 
is NOT the best way to access newsgroups not to mention trying to start one.