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Re: Toys!

I think it would help if we posted more to the public forums about wanting Groo
merchandise, etc.  I suppose e-mailing the authorities in charge would help,
but I think making seem like a 'casual' inquiry would be more beneficial than a
full-forced petition.

Sergio requested that we donate excess funds to the CBLDF (well, actually I
asked him where to donate excess funds, and he said the CBLDF).  The question
about the donation is whether to make a donation for merchandise, a completely
'blind' donation, or somwhere in between. I'm thinking of the latter, so that
we have some prizes for Groop contests, but with a substantial portion of the
donation not requiring anything in return....


Nate Piekos wrote:

> I've been thinking.  About the GROO lunchbox and watch etc.  And with all
> the craziness surrounding the impending release of Star Wars: Episode One,
> and the toys released this week... ("impressive, most impressive...")  I
> have a question:
> ME, what can we do to get a GROO figure made?  Not mass market or anything,
> something like the MAGE or GRENDEL figures.  Do we have to start a
> letter-writing campaign?  A Petition?   Perhaps I'm wrong, but I think if
> given the choice between a watch, a lunchbox and a figure.... most fans
> would take the figure.
> Ruben & I have talked about what exactly to do with the surplus money from
> the Groopads (we intended to give it to the CBLDF but were debating on a
> blind donation, or donating for a bunch of GROO items to use later as
> prizes for contests) ... but perhaps somehow we could put it towards the
> quest for a GROO figure?
> ~Nate~ I'd sculpt the prototype myself if it would help!  Who's with me?
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