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[Fwd: Big Spring Jam!!]

--- Begin Message --- Hello to everyone!

As most of you know, I have been playing with a band called Mullholland.  Although we have not had the opportunity to play for the general public, we have devoted our time to practicing and developing a unique sound.  To get to the point, we have a chance to play at the Big Spring Jam this year.  We have supplied the coordinators with a demo tape, but we could use a little help from each and everyone of you.

How can you help?  It's easy, follow me!

This is the first year that the coordinators have set up an on-line registration on their web site.  They would like to hear from the people of Huntsville about who they would like to see perform at the Jam this year.  This is where you come in.  Of course, you want to see Mullholland, right?  Follow the link below to get to the registration page.  Answer a few questions about your musical preferences and add anything else in the area for additional comments.  No comments are really necessary, unless you feel the urge to plug in a few upbeat sentences about why they should give us a chance (hint, hint).  Tell everyone you can!  Every entry/response gets us closer and closer.


Mullholland can best be describes in one word, jazzyfunkrockmakeyawannagetupanmovethatbutt.  Actually, we have a sound all our own.  It's pretty hard to describe, but even if I wasn't a member, I know that I would come out and see the every time.  If your interested in learning more about me and my mated, come see us on our web site for some bios, photos, etc.


And finally, from all the members of Mullholland, our sincere thanks!!!  And hopefully, we will see all of you at the Jam!

Adam Gaines (the drummer)
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