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Has anyone in the Groop ever noticed that the Dilbert's Newsletter section 
Tales of In-duh-viduals" is almost exactly like the Groo Grams "Grooism" 

I think it would be cool for some of us to send old "Grooisms" to good old 
scottadams@aol.com.  (But don't send the one about Uni getting two tons of 
mulch dumped on her lawn ? already did).  If one of the Groop members gets 
mentioned in the next newsletter, I'll let you guys know.

Does anyone on this Groop even subscribe to the Dilbert Newsletter?  

I finally completed my Pacific Groo collection today.  I think Pacific Groo 
#4 has go on my all-time favorites list.  The story was funny, I got to see a 
lot of different Sergio- landscapes, (including snow, which he almost never 
does!), and I finnaly found where the "Witch of Kaan" comes from.  Pacific 
Groo #6 was funny too, and it included the first appearance of Gravito 


*PS:  In case you didn't know, this sound effect and all others like it (you 
know, Spaceship lands, Mars Men destroy Earth:  woo-ee-aaa-woo) are produced 
by the "Theramin".  An instrument which you needn't touch to play; you just 
move your hands closer and further from two antennae (one for frequency and 
one for volume).  An instrument which, in fact, I am building for myself.  
Maybe I'll even decorate it like Nate's guitar, though in my case 
interchangeable 'frets' are out of the question, as they would change the 
inductance.  Just some info for inquiring minds!

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?