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no woods

> Has anyone in the Groop ever noticed that the Dilbert's Newsletter section
> "True 
> Tales of In-duh-viduals" is almost exactly like the Groo Grams "Grooism" 
> section?
> I think it would be cool for some of us to send old "Grooisms" to good old
> scottadams@aol.com.  (But don't send the one about Uni getting two tons of
> mulch dumped on her lawn ... already did).  If one of the Groop members
> gets 
> mentioned in the next newsletter, I'll let you guys know.
> Does anyone on this Groop even subscribe to the Dilbert Newsletter?  
	I do.  I just received it as you did.  Actually I have one of my
faves from way back in junior high.  We were working on our PA system
through the shcool and our principal was testing it.  He came over and
explained what was going on and then said "If anyone can not hear this,
please come up to the Office and tell us."  You could hear the secretaries
laughing in the background as he cut the switch.  Anyways..