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Re: Groo activity online

Hi Folks!

Well, I really haven't done that much.  I think we need to get a bunch of
us subscribed to the miscellaneous comic newsgroup (rec.arts.comics.misc.)
and just talk up Groo.  The news groops are kind of a cross between chat
rooms and mailing lists like this one.  You don't have to be on at the same
time, but you want to follow a particular "thread" of conversation on a
relatively timely basis.  If some of us took a little extra time and posted
some of the straight Groo related things we post here on a newsgroup to
each other, hopefully it would generate input from nonGroopies.  

In other words, a loosely coordinated effort to drum up Groo talk on a
public newsgroop.  Some of the RPG Groopies could do the same thing with
respect to the Groo Game.  Same for cards and lead miniatures (if there is
a lead mini newsgroup.)  Maybe there are things other than the newsgroups
or there are other newsgroups.  I don't know.  btw, as Mark suggested, go
to the DC newsgroup and say something good about Fanboy.  

Also, Mark mentioned subscribing to something at the DC website.  I haven't
had the time yet and I forget exactly what he said, but I think its like a
newsgroup.  Maybe Dark Horse has something similar.  Of course, the time
thing brings up what Nate was talking about. But like I said, if we posted
on the newsgroup instead of here, that would work well.   

For example.  It's abou time we started talking about G&R #4 and the series
as a whole.  Lets do it on the misc. comic newsgroup instead of here.   If
anybody wants to know how to subscribe to a newsgroup, just ask Kevin!  

Anywho, That's my 5 kopins worth.  I'm out of town for the two days, but
I'm going to post some stuff on G&R #4 on rec.arts.comics.misc. this
weekend. Take care -Gary G.    


> From: Kevin S Hall <khall@sunspot.ummed.edu>
> To: Groo fans <groo-l@groo.com>
> Subject: Groo activity online
> Date: Tuesday, May 04, 1999 11:24 AM
> On Tue, 4 May 1999, Nate Piekos wrote:
> > GROO based websites... (Shane, get yours back up now!)  ... short of
> > passing out pamphlets in the street, I don't think there's anything
more we
> > can do.  We can go to comic-based chats and talk about GROO, but the
> I think Mark made the suggestion a while back to do it up on the 
> newsgroups. Don't have to be in the chats. Just get some Groo activity on

> the comic news groups. Gary's made an effort to get going over 
> there...any news on the Groo front, Gary? Or should I say, any Groo on 
> the news front, Gary?
> > majority of us on the list are over 20, have busy lives, with little
> > for chat rooms.   I know this sounds like a downer, but even though
> > really gung-ho about GROO, perhaps there's just not enough of us.
> I think there is, but we just put most of our posts here. The same number
> posts & activity level could EASILY carry a newsgroup. Maybe Gary or 
> someone else could get a NEW group started for the Groop...  I think this

> is the sort of thing Mark is looking for. I don't remember all the ins & 
> outs, but I've been told it is not THAT hard to start up a newsgroup. I 
> know Gary's still feeling his way for some of this computer stuff...do 
> one of you more savvy people feel like helping get one going??! It would 
> only help us in the end as Mark has pointed out. I'd offer, but I have NO

> newsgroup access here at work anymore other than through deja news which 
> is NOT the best way to access newsgroups not to mention trying to start
> Kevin