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Re: Dognuts on TV! (& obscure Groo find)

On Wed, 5 May 1999, Joe Fricano wrote:

> Well, I told the Groop before that here in Sweden there actually IS a product
> called Dognuts. They are sort of like doughnuts for dogs. They´re hard and
> crunchy. My dog likes ´em.

Nate!! I see another protest from this one. Even worse than calling 
things "dognuts": actually making dogs eat them!! The horror! The inhumanity!

Also, I mean, you could almost get away with it for the doughnut holes, 
but for real donuts??


PS Gary, I saw a drawing of Groo in Comics Feature #33. I think it's 
probably a reprint from somewhere else, but couldn't guarantee it. It 
accompanied an article about Pacific going belly up & that Epic was 
picking up Groo. They went on further to state that the only thing 
keeping Eclipse alive at the time were the wonderful books put out by 
Mark Evanier. Woo hoo! Way to go, Mark. You guys may sink some companies, 
but apparently you've carried a company or two in your time as well!!