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Wigged-out sound


I'll forget the fact that you dupe-posted me only because you signed it 


That definitely will NOT work for you.....


So how come ME refers to them as 'frets' in several Groo Grams pages?  Anyway 
little bars of conductive material would change the inductance too, so 
technically I'm still right.  (I'm ever the defensive and contrary).  

Maybe we should have a jam session:  we could produce some real wigged -out 
sound.  Maybe there're other Groopers out there who play instruments.  Hold 
on, I'll ask.

Other Groopers:

Do any other Groopers [GROOPERS] play instruments? 

I used to "play" the telephone.  Each key has a slightly different tone, so I 
could play "Mary-Had-a-Little-Lamb" (7656777666679765677766765).  I made an 
actual instrument out of an old phone when I was about ten.  In fact, I think 
I still have it...hmmm....maybe I'll used it in tandem with the theramin, or 
maybe just make one big instrument out of 'em.  Howzat for a wigged-out sound?


PPS:  Hey!  Who stole my first PS?  I had to start with PPS....
PPPS:  Yes, I really did say "wigged -out"
PPPPS:  Well, I actually didn't say it...I typed it.

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?