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Inquiring minds (Non Groo)

FYI: A friend of mine, an illustrator, has been hired to design a monster
character which the toy company is producing in 3D as a plush toy. Anyway,
it's totally goofy-looking and has  antennae which will actually be a
theramin, so you'll be able to create weird sounds with your toy. I've GOT
to have one. I'll keep you informed.

Chris (Kid at heart)

>*PS:  In case you didn't know, this sound effect and all others like it (you
>know, Spaceship lands, Mars Men destroy Earth:  woo-ee-aaa-woo) are produced
>by the "Theramin".  An instrument which you needn't touch to play; you just
>move your hands closer and further from two antennae (one for frequency and
>one for volume).  An instrument which, in fact, I am building for myself.
>Maybe I'll even decorate it like Nate's guitar, though in my case
>interchangeable 'frets' are out of the question, as they would change the
>inductance.  Just some info for inquiring minds!