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Re: Groo activity online

--- Kevin S Hall <khall@sunspot.ummed.edu> wrote:
> I think Mark made the suggestion a while back to do
> it up on the 
> newsgroups. 

I started a Fanboy discussion on the DC website... if you haven't gone
and contributed, GO NOW!! Mark is interacting as "Finster" and the
response has been really positive about the project. I even slipped in
references to GROO... GO GO GO GO GO!

I also asked ME:
>>What other forums do you suggest? I haven't spent >>much time in
newsgroops lately and am not sure what >>all is still out there.  
>ME: You could try rec.arts.comics.misc

...so i said something or another about Groo/Fanboy there. You're
already online... take a minute and 'give props to your peeps' (as the
kids say).


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