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Re: Groopads


I said:
>> Well, I got my groopads last week (or even the week before), and was too
>> buzy to even say "thanks" to the fine team(s) that made them possible.

And Unirabbit asked:
>What do you think he was 'buzy' on?

And now I must admit that I wasn't sooo busy (and that I mistyped too),
but maybe a little more lazy (so that's where the 'z' comes from!)
than I would like to admit (but still, I am sort of overbooked...).

Anyway, I proudly showed my pads to my friends at home, my colleagues
at work (well, they've been thinking I am crazy for much longuer than
you'd believe (especially if you consider the fact that I work here
since mid-March only...)), and well, somewhere on the way, I forgot to
drop a line to the Groop, saying "thanx" and "nyanya got'em" to the
rest of the nuthouse inhabitants.

Uni, were you not the bold slayer of defensless horses,
you'd be the bold slayer of unmistakable poor excuses!

I guess as a penitence, I'll have to read all the posts I just
safely stored away these last few months (count 400+ posts by month,
at least). Aaargh!

 Philippe BRUHAT - BooK                        http://www2.ec-lille.fr/~book/

 True friends are friends to the end... and even after that.
                                    (Moral from Groo The Wanderer #53 (Epic))