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     May 1999: Issue 3
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1.)... Cool Tricks for Keeping Track of Your Marketing
       by Mark Joyner CEO, Aesop Marketing Corporation

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Cool Tricks for Keeping Track of Your Marketing (Part 1 of 2)

You publish a website. Your promote like crazy. Things are happening,
but you really don't know why. You know that something you are doing
must be working, but you're not sure which of the 1,000 campaigns you
ran last month are really paying off?

Does that sound like you?

A surprising number of Internet marketers I speak to don't have a
clue when it comes to tracking their results. Many of them that
analyze their logs still don't use all of the easy tools at their
disposal for keeping track of where their traffic is coming from.

If this *is* you, don't feel bad. We've *all* been there.


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Now, assuming that you are analyzing your logs and doing so with
a tool that will tell you the path people travel through your
site (if not - start now), then you are faced with these two
tricky problems:

1. How do I track the effectiveness of my email campaigns? You'll
notice that a great number of hits to your site are "no referrer"
traffic. That is, people that found your site either by reading an
email or just typing in your URL.

2. Knowing that not all hits are equal (a visitor from one site
may be more likely to buy than one from another) how do I know
which hits are generating sales for me?

These two problems can both be solved using a simple tracking
method that requires no scripting. The only tool you need is your
log analysis tool which I hope you already have.


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To explain the utility of this tool let me tell you a story about
a friend who tried to do this the hard way. He set up individual
pages for each of his promotion efforts. That is, every time he
tried a new form of promotion he created a copy of his website
and linked his new promotion to it.

Needless to say, this took a long time. He spent hours creating
mirror sites. Hours he could have been spending promoting!

When I told him this trick he didn't know whether to thank me or
kill me. He was so embarrassed that he hadn't thought of it.


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The first step to this technique capitalizes on two little known
features of HTML:

Fact 1:

Whenever you add a ? to the end of a .htm or .html page, it has
absolutely no effect on the page that gets called up. That is,
if you were to write:




The exact same page will come up. Go ahead and try it now.
Pretty cool, right?


You have to append this ? after the name of an HTML file. It won't
always work if you do it at the end of a domain name (unless your
server supports it or you have special scripting - which is what
we're trying to avoid - you want something universal and easy,

Fact 2:

Even though the same page is served when you do this, your server
logs treat them as two different pages!

So, every time someone clicks on that special URL you will be able
to know without question.

Now, how can you use this in your marketing?

In a *great* many ways which we'll cover off in Part Two of this
article, coming to you in an upcoming issue of this newsletter.

If you *really* can't wait, check out 1,001 Killer Internet
Marketing Tactics where we show you these techniques and more:

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Article by Mark Joyner, CEO of Aesop Marketing Corporation and
creator of 1001 Killer Internet Marketing Tactics - a *must
have* tool for anyone serious about doing business on the
Internet. Do yourself a favor and check this one out today.

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