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Re: Instruments


HI all,
I play bass, and I have a bass shaped like an octopus that a friend made for

We've got a bizarre gig for millenium night at a 70s party We have to play a
bunch of 70s songs!
Suggestions always welcome.



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From: Tennille Tan <bubble@mindless.com>
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Date: 06 May 1999 16:49
Subject: Instruments

>DanielBron@aol.com wrote:
>> Other Groopers:
>> Do any other Groopers [GROOPERS] play instruments?
>I play the flute, awfully.
>(I think it sounds more like the bagpipes when I play. Hmmm.)
>I'm sure there are other groopers who can play other instruments.
>And better.