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Re: Groop Group

Band name suggestions:

1. Groo and the mendicants
2. The Groo-vers
3. The Spice Groos
4. The Wanderers (although I think this one is already spoken for)
5. The Cheese Dips
6. Mulcherama
7. Groo and the composters
8. Silvergroo
9. Groo garden
10. The band formerly known as....

Dieter :)#

PS I can play a CD. Does that count?

Nate Piekos wrote:

> OK, We've got a drummer (Squirrel), A guitarist (Urinetoast), and a bass
> player (Ralph).  All we need is a singer and we could cut our own GROO
> track!  We could be the Groop Group.  (You know, it might actually be
> possible, if all of us had a 4-track recorder... I could cut a rhythm
> guitar track, I could send the tape to squirrel he could do a drum track
> and so on... at the end I could put the lead guitar over that and voila!
> Groop tunes!  ..... on second thought, it's too much work.
> ~Nate "Wah Wah" Urinetoast
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