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Famous comic Boook creators

Just so y'all know, I have a couple of sets of the FCBC cards.  I'd have to 
find, them, but if you want one, and Gary has ran out, I'll be able to help.  
I bought one box for like 10 bucks, and got almost four sets.

See ya

Jacob S.

PostScript(this way I am not stealing a PS :) )  Someone mentioned before 
that people get crazy with the Episode One toys, and it could never be more 
true.  I knoe first hand.  I actually went to the "Toys R Us we are opening 
at midnight" thing, and the line to get in went halfway acroos their parking 
lot!  I can't imagine the line for the movie tickets!  But I'll still be 
there because I am teetering on the line of "mental illness" for Star Wars, 
and Groo, and Usagi Yojimbo.