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Star Wars (non-Groo)

>PostScript(this way I am not stealing a PS :) )  Someone mentioned before
>that people get crazy with the Episode One toys, and it could never be more
>true.  I knoe first hand.  I actually went to the "Toys R Us we are opening
>at midnight" thing, and the line to get in went halfway acroos their parking
>lot!  I can't imagine the line for the movie tickets!  But I'll still be
>there because I am teetering on the line of "mental illness" for Star Wars,
>and Groo, and Usagi Yojimbo.

Just to make Jacob more mentally ill, my friend Gary, who is a movie
critic, saw the new Star Wars last night in New York and said technically,
it was beyond ANYTHING he had ever seen. He said there were things in it
that he had never seen anywhere. As far as the story and the emotional
impact, he said he was going to have to wait and let it sink in before he
was able to make that review. This is just what he said on the air, so I'm
going to have to corner him when I see him and pump him for info.

I can't wait to see it!