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was Re: mulch and fanboy now - Comic Book Block


>ME: You're just now figuring that out?

You know that reminds me of a question I always had about comic books and
how they are developed.
I hear about "writer's block" all the time when it comes to novels or
scripts for movies and TV. But
does the same to apply to comic books? If so how? What are some methods used
to solve or beat
the block?

Also, was there any major story of Groo with major blocks in it? I imagine
probably some of the
Minstrel's poems and songs must have been tough to do with the amount of
rhyming to be done.
I try to imagine how would be like to have to write for anything with a set
of characters. Eventually
everything is told and every setting is done from what I see, yet they
continue to keep finding new
ways and stories to throw at the characters. To use a non-Groo example (uh
oh), The Simpsons.
They keep making episodes and its all about the basic key characters and
such, but they are able
to keep telling stories and it never seems to get dull.